Our mastermind groups create life-long friendships and partnerships that might never have occurred otherwise.  You will be paired with members who each bring unique experiences and backgrounds to the table. Our groups are based firmly on a high desire to succeed and to help others do the same. This group will be the most productive meeting of your week and your most cherished secret weapon in reaching your vision of your future self. It will be the one meeting each week you are most prepared for and that you look forward to with the greatest anticipation.

A mastermind group is a number of peers who come together for mutual mentoring and personal and professional growth. The term is widely recognized from Napoleon Hill in his 1925 book The Law of Success, and then again in Think and Grow Rich (1937) but the concept reaches back beyond biblical times. Benjamin Franklin even participated in one he called his Junto.

Regardless of the origin, it is generally accepted that when a group of knowledgeable, experienced, like-minded people come together to concentrate on solutions for a given problem or for mutual support, that the solutions reveal themselves in a greatly accelerated manner.  This synergy is the major benefit, but related benefits also arise that often make such groups indispensable for their members.

"We have prepared the most effective, most successful, most productive Mastermind program available today."

Each group has an Acacia facilitator who guides the members and ensures it stays on task.  Members determine together and for themselves exactly what they wish to gain from the group and work together to solve problems, brainstorm innovative responses, provide accountability and support for members who are struggling and provide hearty congratulations in celebration of each other’s wins.

The most successful mastermind groups tend to be only eight to ten members. These members are highly committed to achievement of group goals. They each bring their own strengths and experience to the group, agree on strong goals to be achieved and then craft and implement plans to achieve them.  They must be open minded when receiving feedback and respectful, honest and compassionate when offering advice.  Confidentiality of all group discussions is an absolute imperative for group members, who often require non-disclosure agreements as a precondition to membership.

Meetings tend to be limited to not more than 2 hours and are facilitated using a set agenda. They may be held weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly according to group consensus. Our mastermind groups at Acacia Business Solutions are weekly and limited to 90 minutes each for the Elite groups. This enables us to dive deep into problems, have one or two members weekly in the hot seat, and ensure everyone receives maximum benefit from their membership in the group. The focus is always on the member, not the facilitator. 

What our mastermind groups are NOT, is a weekly class. Yes, there may be homework and assignments that you have to report on, but they will always be crafted toward achieving your stated goals and the accountability will come from the group peers rather than a single coach or leader. Our groups are NOT a networking group. Yes, you will share in each other’s networks and influence, gain confidence in presentation and receiving feedback, and yes, you will often give and receive referrals but there will be no pressure to do so, no exclusivity expressly built in to your relationships, and no continuous pressure to grow the group beyond its level of effectiveness. Our groups will concentrate on your success, and that of each member, through synergy, balanced contribution, thoughtful expression of ideas, and firm but compassionate accountability to achieve the highest level of quality and success that you’re capable of producing.

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Using a comprehensive application process including written input and a personal interview, each member will be hand selected according to industry, experience level, revenue level, personality traits, level of commitment, problems to be solved, and personal and professional goals. At the Elite level, no competitors will be in the same group. A weekly agenda will be agreed upon to keep meeting duration under control. Weekly meetings always ensure a highly accelerated pace of wins and learnings for all members.  Members can expect to feel pressure to succeed from their peers, as well as support when inevitable challenges arise. Members who cannot or choose not to uphold their commitments to the group will be voted on by the rest of the group. Failure to meet attendance requirements, or to provide balanced positive, constructive input will also be voted on. 

The weekly meeting is a sanctuary. It is a no BS zone where everyone brings their total open honesty and commitment. While we understand everyone has feelings and we do our best to respect them, our commitment to your success means you may occasionally need to hear things you don’t want to hear for the group to help you grow. Bring a notepad, a tablet, even your laptop, but check your feelings at the door. This will be a serious meeting for serious people who want to grow every week. It is a time to share, to commiserate and to celebrate. We support each other through every win and even the rare failure. All we ask is that you come prepared every week and bring your “A” Game.

At Acacia Business Solutions we have prepared what we believe to be the most effective, most successful, most productive Mastermind program available today.  We make this program available in person in the Huntsville Alabama area and online nationally.  We do not broadcast the identity of members in our programs. We plan periodic retreats as opportunities for members to extract themselves from their local environment for a long weekend so they can meet with their Mastermind peers for a full day and then take time to unwind in a relaxed environment conducive to socializing and further bonding of the group.

If you’re ready to move your personal and professional development to the next level, contact us today for more information, and an application to join a group.

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