Lorrie Green,

5 stars! Dave is very motivated and committed to helping people grow their business! He has a lot of experience and is very professional!

Reginald Doc Porter,

Dave is great at what he does. Every business owner benefits from good coaching. It's just sometimes hard to find the right coach. But, Dave is definitely someone to trust and you'll know why when you hire him. I didn't feel obligated to pay for his services any longer than I felt I needed. This made me feel comfortable using him. A coach worth his services doesn't need to lock you into some long-term contract. I highly recommend Dave Lakin.

Jason Quick,

Dave Lakin has a unique way of applying his vast knowledge and experience to positively impact any situation. He serves as a trusted advisor and supporter and helps keep the target in focus. While most coaches tend to tell you what you want to hear, Dave tells you what you need to hear in order to be successful. I wholeheartedly recommend Dave to anyone seeking to take a business to the next level!

Tra Goss,

Dave Laken is one if the kindest, most honest and approachable people you will ever meet. He is an excellent father and friend. His subtle approach to problem solving allows others to present their ideas in an open forum without hesitation. Working with Dave is a pleasure.

Eliza Dee,

Advice you can apply immediately to your business to see a change. Dave is no nonsense, down to earth and honest (even when the truth is hard to hear). Don't call him unless you are ready to make changes and have your business grow. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done!

Amanda Barnes,

Dave is so knowledgeable in coaching business to start moving in the right direction, or just keep moving in the right direction. He can help you implement small changes that make a big difference!

Teresa Porter,

Dave is an awesome coach. Partnering with him creates opportunity for awareness, creative problem solving, growth, innovation, and so much more. Our company benefits greatly from working with Dave and wet highly recommend investing your resources with this professional.

CJ Monte,

Your business struggling a little? You should really take a few minutes to call Dave Lakin for assistance. I have personally seen him double the net profits for a local business in around 6 months!

Rich Maloney,

Dave is a powerhouse and an expert if you're dealing with any type of employee and / or leader issues whatsoever. Can't recommend him high enough.

Kayla Dene Slusher,

Thoroughly enjoyed The 90 Business Planning event! I left feeling confident about my business. I also had a plan in action by the time class was over with. Thanks Dave!

Rob Davis,

Dave is an excellent resouces for any business owner to help them take their business to where they want to be - especially if they are stuck right now. I recommed him highly!

Francine Slate,

Exceptional Coaching and no matter the size of the business, Dave will put you on the right track!

Lisa Revels Jackman,

Dave has helped my business grow tremendously. I highly recommend him for a business coach.

Teri Hasemeyer,

Working with Dave is a pleasure that will improve you as a person and your business. He will challenge you, but his knowledge, experience, honesty, and encouragement will help you reach your business goals and, more importantly, your bucket list goals! Meet with him for a consult and start seeing improvement towards growth and profits.

LaTonia Powers,

One word. Accountability! As a sole proprietor it's easy to let myself off the hook for not getting some things done. After all, there's so much to do. Knowing that Dave is going to ask what did you do this week, I consciously spend more time doing the things that matter. Knowing where to spend time in the business is as important. Dave is an awesome coach.

Kaia Noble,

I wasn't sure how Dave could help our construction company. However numbers speak for themselves... Our closed business increased by 400%. I'm excited to work with Dave in the future. Highly recommended.

Daniel Stephens,

Dave Lakin is an exceptional person and a joy to work with. His ability to help a business owner organize their day, week and month, and become more productive, which leads to making more money with less effort is amazing. I highly recommend him.

Lee Evans,

Very professional business coach in Huntsville, Alabama, meticulous in his work. Friendly and approachable, would certainly recommend.

Rich Ortiz, President, One Unity Media

“Working with Dave Lakin has helped me get clarity on setting business goals and target priorities. After meeting with Dave Lakin for the first time, he immediately gave me valuable business tips to help turn my business around. Dave has a practical and simple approach for getting past the complexities of running a small business and focus on matters of revenue generation for sustainable growth. If you need help with a new business start up or re-igniting your existing business for effective, results-oriented solutions then I highly recommend Dave Lakin as your business Action Coach. Your business deserves every chance to succeed, so invest into your business and hire Dave Lakin today.”

Sheila Marr, President Southern Valley Services, LLC Athens, Alabama

“I highly recommend Dave Lakin with Action Coach to grow your business. My husband and I own a growing small company and I have found my coaching provided by Dave to be extremely valuable for a number of reasons. The advice he has given has either dovetailed or reinforced what I am hearing internally about how I need to change my behaviors to change my role in the company. Dave has the ability to understand not just what will make us successful in our business now but will help us full fill our personal goals, by not working in the business but working on the business so that we will have time to enjoy our personal time and meet personal goals. Dave helps to hold our feet to the fire on accomplishing the steps to meet the short term and long terms goals that we have set. Dave has helped us to see that we can achieve much more than we had originally dreamed and helped us to move forward faster in accomplishing our goals helping us stay focused on the tasks need to meet them. ”

Nadine Wormsbacher, Licensed Massage Therapist

“I attended Dave’s training on 23 June. It was really worthwhile! He shined a spot light on some areas where entrepreneurs traditionally don’t look, but they need to start! He views the P&L differently than most people do, and uses it as an actual tool. It was the first time that I’ve understood how to calculate what my price per hour should be, from a business perspective, vs just making a WAG. I highly recommend attending any presentations he offers. Thanks Dave!”

Gary Moser, Naval Air Systems Command

“I worked with Dave Lakin for a total of six years on multiple successful projects. He is an exceptional team leader, business coach, and unparalleled strategic planner. His perceptive problem solving skills and ability to develop innovative solutions ensured successful completion of our most complex projects. Dave is one of the most knowledgeable and intelligent people I know and our teams relied on his astute analytical skills to develop realistic, challenging, and achievable goals. I highly recommend that you contact him today and take advantage of his innate ability to develop strategies to maximize the performance of your teams and the profitability of your business.”